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Let Us Help You

Regardless of size or what phase you’re in, running a business is hard. You’re expected to do more, do it faster, and do it for less. Customers demand more, and they’re quick to leave if you let them down just once. That’s why effective communication is so critical.

When Opportunity Rings, Do You Answer?

Each time your phone rings, it’s an opportunity. It might be an opportunity to gain new business, or it might be an opportunity to retain business you’ve already earned. Don’t squander the opportunity by making a bad impression on that phone call.

Effective Telephone Communication

Here are the five keys to follow on every call:

1. Answer the Phone: The first key is to answer your phone. It’s amazing how many businesses don’t make this a priority. We do.

2. Answer with Intention: The next key is to answer quickly. It doesn’t need to be on the first ring every time, but certainly don’t let it go past five. That’s thirty seconds. Can you do that? We can.

3. Focus on the Caller: The third essential requirement is to give the caller your full attention. For many businesses this is hard, because the ringing telephone interrupts employees from doing something else—something they think is more important than answering the phone.

When they do answer they need to be fully engaged with the caller, not trying to end the call quickly so they can return to their other work. When it comes to engaging with callers, two words come to mind: professional and personable. Does your staff do that? We focus on this.

4. Relay or Gather Information: The fourth key is information. Sometimes callers leave information and other times they’re looking for information. Depending on the circumstances, give them correct information that meets their immediate need, or gather the information that allows others in your organization to act. Accuracy and completeness are essential. Have you ever tried returning a phone call to a six-digit phone number? Or didn’t know who to ask for when someone answered? These things happen too often when someone takes an incomplete message. We strive to take complete and accurate messages.

5. Make the Ending Memorable: The final essential element is a proper end. Don’t say goodbye and hang up when you think the call is over. And certainly, don’t just hang up. Make sure you end in a positive way, leaving the caller happy with how they were treated and satisfied with the interaction. That’s our goal.

The Redding Answering Service Solution

At Redding Answering Service, we focus on these five keys to effective telephone communication. We train our staff to be both personable and professional, to take accurate, complete messages that you can depend on, and to make an overall favorable impression on your callers—every time.Are we perfect? No. No one is. But each day, each week, each month, and each year we strive to do better. We work hard to make a positive first impression on your callers and collect the information you need to serve them better.

Don’t leave your phone to chance. Use an answering service to make positive impressions on every call and produce the results you and your callers expect. Use Redding Answering Service to produce exceptional outcomes. At Redding Answering Service, we’re ready to serve you.

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