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Welcome to Redding Answering Service

Redding Answering Service, a Call Center Sales Pro Company, is a full-service, English/Spanish bilingual answering service based in Redding California. We provide professional answering service to businesses and busy professionals in the Northern California Bay Area, across the country, and around the globe.

With a 45-year legacy of continuous service, Redding Answering Service stands by to meet the telephone communications and messaging needs of our clients around the clock, 24/7. With this long history, we have the experience and expertise to address the needs of every industry and market niche. These include healthcare, service companies, legal, employee call off lines, and government.

Solutions That Work

Redding Answering Service, under the direction of industry leader Janet Livingston, offers out-of-the-box solutions to provide seamless answering and messaging services to our clients and their callers. This isn’t, however, a one-size-fits-all offering, but a flexible solution that provides outstanding results.With our highly-trained staff and advanced technology to support them, Redding Answering Service can offer so much more than other answering services. With our front-end professional staff and back-end support technology and reporting services, we stand above the competition.

Technology That Helps

Our staff is the key to our operation and in providing excellent customer service. To support our employees and serve you better, we make the judicious use of key technology solutions to enhance all that we do. This starts with our business intelligence reporting service. In addition to business intelligence reporting, we provide clients with online apps and tools for HIPAA, SMS, and on-call management.

Business Intelligence Reporting:

A key technology element is our business intelligence reporting service. Business intelligence

Secure Messaging and Data Privacy:

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, established data privacy and

Short Message Service:

Another app provides for SMS (short message service), a text messaging protocol used by mobile devices, as

On-Call Portal:

A fourth key solution is Redding Answering Service’s on-call portal. It allows healthcare and service

Outcomes That Shine

As a 24/7, full-service, bilingual answering service with a 45-year history of providing needed telephone answering and communication services, Redding Answering Service is ready to meet any telephone, messaging, and communication need. We provide results that matter.Here’s how:

Friendly Employees:

The staff at Redding Answering Service greets your customers and callers with a friendly voice that is both personable and professional. This establishes

Accurate Messages:

Next, we’ll gather the information you need from each caller or provide the answers to callers’ questions. And we’ll do all this according to your

Comprehensive Reporting:

Once we’ve collected the needed information, we’ll provide it to you when and how you want it. We can text, email, voicemail, or even call you with specific

These are the outcomes that matter: effective communication with callers, accurate information for you, and flexible reporting options. This is where Redding Answering Service shines.

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Redding Answering Service is ready to help you. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll do the rest.

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